What Others Are Saying

Interested in what others have to say about Ashley Uhl Consulting? Scroll on down to hear a few good things from our beloved clients and colleagues! 

LuAnn Nigara from a Well - Designed Business

"Ashley Uhl Consulting specializes in helping designers deliver a high end service experience and transition to the next level of success. This is one #smartlady who specifically consults for interior designers which means she understands you, your business, and your clients." 

Our Clients

"Not only does Ashley teach you how to provide an exceptional experience for your client, she also provides that experience to her clients.

The process that she teaches is thorough and well thought out with tons of examples to explain how the process works.

Providing an exceptional experience to my clients allows me to feel proud of my company and to also charge more money for my services."
Wendy Woloshchuk of Details Full Service Interiors
 "Ashley's course on The Exceptional Experience is even more comprehensive than the name implies.  It provides a guide and template to designing and reviewing the whole client experience from initial contact through implementation.  Including the Design Process itself and how it is communicated to clients.  

I've a lot of homework to do to implement all that Ashley taught, but I already see a leveling up of my service commitment and how I communicate that to clients."
Lori Ramsay of Lori Ramsay Design
"I would highly recommend "The Exceptional Experience". The sessions were full of actionable advice. 

The action items and downloads included after each session provided clarity on how to implement content from that day's presentation. 

Loved it!"
Kathy Hoskins of Hoskins Interior Design
"Ashley Uhl really knows the Interior Design business.  She understands that by streamlining your process and improving efficiency you really can have more time and be more profitable - two areas many designers struggle with.  

All the feedback and solutions that Ashley provided us with were both creative and realistic.  I would highly recommend Ashley's services to any designer.  

Thank you, Ashley!"
Amy Kartheiser of Amy Kartheiser Design
"I am completely blown away! You've given me loads of information (so much more than I thought) and it was all so thoughtfully written out.

It's wonderfully refreshing to have someone else's opinion, who's also in the design field, helping you sort things out. I SO appreciate this service! 

More designers need to use this service of yours!"
Barclay Stone of Barclay Stone Interiors
"Ashley's knowledge and attention to detail are paramount to the service she provides. 

Her concept of client services is astounding, and she has an innate ability to view things from both the client perspective and the designer perspective, with her recommendations perfectly bridging that gap. 

I can't thank her enough for helping me to tighten up my processes, and to improve my client relations."
Beth Brunner of Quartz & Bone
"Ashley's course provided a very thorough pathway to helping us continue to craft a consistent experience for our projects, not only with extremely clear action items every week but excellent digital assets that we can use to clearly communicate a consistent process for our entire team going forward.  

She addresses all of the stresses and experiences designers run up against and provides concrete, actionable advice for all of those situations.  Not to mention great Q & A from her and other designers on the calls. 

I would highly recommend this course to designers who haven't had a foundation in running projects consistently, working with high net worth individuals, or who struggle with push back from clients.  

It has so many helpful concepts- too many to list here!"
Kirsten McCoy of Meadowbank Designs
"Ashley is all about value. Where do we add value? How do we value ourselves as designers? How do we show our clients our value? How the way we behave can impact our perceived value? 

Working with Ashley absolutely added so much value to my business. I first heard Ashley on the awesome Luann Nigara's podcast "A Well Designed Business". Ashley came at the perfect time for me, as a baby designer (can you say that in your forties!?!),  I am always questioning my value. 

With the ever changing landscape of the interior design industry, Ashley guided me through ways to add value to my process and for my clients. Providing clients fabulous service and continual value will never be distrupted."
Libby Mansour of Studio Mansour